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Uh no a case can be conducted in criminal court and then in civil court such as an accident. In France the criminal court hold the civil court which means that if the criminal court said there is nothing then the civil court say there is nothing. But in USA it's not the same. I heard that a person was declared innocent by the criminal court but in the end was accused by the civil court It seems that it was a great american football player. Ah yes, it's O. J. Simpson. Well anyway, he is in prison now
But on the same charge? Sure, someone can appear in both the criminal and civil courts for one incident, but it's highly likely because of the different charges that arise from it. A criminal court doesn't pronounce verdicts on civil charges, and vice versa.

It's inconceivable for a civil court to hear murder cases (because it lacks the power, under civil law, to mete out appropriate punishment), and it's a waste of time for a criminal court to deliberate on a divorce dispute (it has better things to do, such as putting more criminals on trial). If both sides can hear each other's cases, then what's the point of having separate courts?


As for justice, to me, a just society is one based on meritocracy, where every individual possesses the right to reap the full rewards of his own abilities, the fruit of his own labour. If this right is curtailed, he gets to seek redress through a judicial system that treats everyone as equals before the law.
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