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Justice seems to be whatever someone has 'coming for them' for doing something wrong (be it a crime or otherwise). What everyone receives though is a set punishment stated by the law and interpretations of it by the judge.

Humans set the rules and the punishments, and the end result is called 'Justice'. Rules and punishments vary throughout the world, so the idea of justice varies as well.

Karma was mentioned earlier, and I believe justice is similar to it. You have to believe it exists, which most people seem to do (or do so without thinking about it). In order to exist, justice would need to be handed out by nature itself as a result of your actions, and it most cases that would usually be attributed to the many gods people believe in.

Perhaps basic human reactions to a wrongdoing are really the natural 'justice' intended to keep those unhelpful ones in line. I'm of course talking about rather basic instintinctual levels though, as in: "If we still lived in caves, etc.."

In this day and age, we can do nothing but argue and hopefully come to an agreement over which punishments seem suitable for a certain action/crime. Those who agree with the punishments can then say "Justice is served!".
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