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Originally Posted by Beruko08 View Post
Thanks for your comment. btw, i've been wondering by looking at your sig that...well, isn't the image a bit blurrer (or broken lines) than the previous one? I think you could optimize it by using .jpg type (you can see its quality's adjustment bar as well) so that the image would be better in quality even if the size was lower. ^^''

p/s: I'm not native English speaker so I hope you won't get confused by this post which doesn't mean any ill intents.
I see. I didn't notice I was still in gif-mode when saving it for web-optimized defaults. Or was it actually ASuki that changed it? O_o

I uploaded a jpg-file (just as I thought, because I thought I checked the quality) and ASuki changed it into .gif


It does it all the time. Check the non-animated avatars, they're all gif.
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