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Do you think Kirito was just bs'ing about being the best player in the game? I mean, obviously, he said those things in order to negate the suspicions players were starting to have about one other, but I wonder if the fact that he was able to defend against the Wolf Lord's attacks was as he said it was? I was under the impression that because this game has no magic or class distinctions, it should be theoretically improbable to be more effective in one area of battle over someone else, yet Kirito manages to do just that(with the help of Asuna) by single-handedly parrying the Wolf Lord's attacks. Does this mean levels don't even matter, as long as you have the techniques(i.e. tactics, not "skills") to defend against the enemy?
i think its both, becuz he does in fact have more exp than the rest, and he's an avid gamer.

since this is a real world setting, you decide how you want to attack. if its working, than just go with it until you need to adapt/change
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