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Uwah... Satou Junichi has been tweeting about developing S3, and he's just posted the following:

"【ファイ・ブレイン】 気になるノノハのヒロイン度ですが。勿論みんなノノハにとても愛情を持っていますが、愛情を注げば注ぐほど ヒロインの座から滑り落ちていくような気がします。いたしかたなし。 #phibrain"

"I'm worried about Nonoha's position as the heroine. Of course everyone loves her, but the more love she gets [from the writing staff, I presume -kuro] the more she seems to slip from the heroine position... There's no helping it."

"【ファイ・ブレイン】逆にルークはどうやってもヒロイン度があがっ…おっと。第三期に既存キャラの誰が出 るかは公式の発表があるまで、しばしお待ち下さいませ〜。 #phibrain"

"On the other hand, no matter what Rook's heroine points are increa-- oops. It's not public yet which existing characters will appear in S3 so please wait for the official announcement~"

Gaah?! What? >__<) As someone who likes Nonoha a lot, this doesn't sound good. :/ She wasn't even a proper heroine, are they going to take even this away from her? And Rook again?! -__-) Please tell me Satou is just trolling...

In other news (very old news), they're holding a popularity contest so go to the link below and vote for Nonoha! Or vote for whoever you want, but I'm definitely voting for her. You have one vote per day, the contest is open until October 21th.

She's not going to win, obviously, but she really needs some love from fans right now. :/

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