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Originally Posted by Velsy View Post
I need some clarification with Volume 10, chapter 4

Sairaorg just pulled his queen out on the terms that he thought she was going to die? Wait does that mean people can die permantly in the rating game?. I mean, if thats true then how high is the casualty rate in the Pro games ? Wouldnt that make people like Xenovia who use pure light attacks lethal to the game? Wouldnt it also make taems weaker over time, rating games are not treated like a gladiator ring right.

Or was it just Sairaorg didnt want his queen to get seriously injured because it hinted she loved him? I dont think there would be a rating game if people were getting killed, and I assumed when Sairaorg lost his arm... I wouldnt of been permanent because it was in the rating game?

So I am a little confused here at the moment O_O
Yeah, some moves are pretty lethal in a game, which is why they are forbidden to be used in a normal game - since Sairaorg has said it's OK, the higher ups have lessened the restrictions on the Gremory's group power, but usually they can't / won't be able to use any of their more lethal and flashier attacks in a game, like the full power of Xenovia's Durandal or Ise's Trident move, or some of the moves that they will obtain in the future.
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