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Originally Posted by Velsy View Post
I need some clarification with Volume 10, chapter 4

Sairaorg just pulled his queen out on the terms that he thought she was going to die? Wait does that mean people can die permantly in the rating game?. I mean, if thats true then how high is the casualty rate in the Pro games ? Wouldnt that make people like Xenovia who use pure light attacks lethal to the game? Wouldnt it also make taems weaker over time, rating games are not treated like a gladiator ring right.

Or was it just Sairaorg didnt want his queen to get seriously injured because it hinted she loved him? I dont think there would be a rating game if people were getting killed, and I assumed when Sairaorg lost his arm, It wouldnt of been permanent because it was in the rating game?

So I am a little confused here at the moment O_O
Some attacks are instant kills, the retirement system cannot work with instant kills. Ise's full attack would been an instant kill. Hence why Rias and the Gremory group are going to have a hard time with future rating games because they have offensive power is off the charts that the rating game would have to restrict so much of their power to ensure that the Gremory group would not kill anyone. Rias, Ise, and the rest of the Gremory group are better suited to be front line soldiers than playing mock battles with other Devils.
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