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Originally Posted by XFire View Post
You do now people don't die in the Rating Game, right?
Funny thing, just because Its not shown doesn't mean it don't happen. They CAN die, we just don't hear about it because we focus on Issei.

We don't hear that another game takes place and the teleportation device failed to rescue a person in time because the attack, hit, and damage inflicted were too fast and their head rolls off. Want to know why? Because Issei isn't there.

Also, it's through the Rating game pieces that they are able to gain more devils through re-incarnation. The Rating Game and the Angel equivalent are restoring their populations much faster than through child-birth.
Full-blood Devil's are dying out. The things thare are coming out are nothing more than half-breeds (Half-human, half-angel, etc.). If I was a full-blood devil, I won't see beings that are being re-incarnated back as actual devils.

And Ise wasn't trying to kill her. He just didn't hold back.[QUOTE]

If he wasn't trying to kill her than he wouldn't have pulled out an illegal move that would've been a sure to kill. No matter how much emotions are running through him, Akeno was defeated not killed while he went off to use an attack that would've killed someone else.

Ise has a rather obvious inferiority complex, and it doesn't really register with him that his power isn't something normal devils can deal with. And Ise beats himself up about this several times in the following novels.
What I read, Issei is more upset that he "revealed a super secret move" than near killing someone. I don't see any 'I feel bad because I nearly killed someone due to my emotions.' its more 'Damn, I pulled this move out and showed how dangerous it is, its shown to the world now '


Ise didn't really try to murder the queen of Sairog... if we remember, he did warn her to put all of her magic in defense... or else...,
So If I warn someone to put up a defense as strong as they can while I blast an attack that would've killed them is NOT attempted murder? That's wrong, why because it did kill someone regardless of warning

the queen disregard it, Ise loses it them BAM. He attack using the illegal move. The queen may have retire with a LOT of broken bones if she did listen to Ise's advice rather than being forced to quit by Sairog... sine it will certainly kill her.
Would you listen to an enemy telling you what they want you to do?

The girl was lucky he pulled her out. But that doesn't excuse what Issei tried to do.

Thinking about it, I'm sure Issei wouldn't even recieve a slap on the wrist for committing murder in public.
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