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Wow this episode is kickass.

First of all, I heard a lot about the Mai Ballroom scene being people's greatest expectation, and really, episode 12 delivers. I have to say that the entire art from beginning to end is grade-A. You will enjoy it.

Episode 12 had more scenes with the other girls than I realized. Surprisingly, this was not a problem. Ayu, Nayuki, and Shiori got some screentime and we learned a few important facts/mysteries about them as well. They were not delved into - rather, just tidbits revealed. I'm certain that the producers will go into them futher in future episodes as they roll by.

There are funny moments as well between Yuuichi and the girls. None of them in my opinion degraded with the general mood of the episode. It was serious when it was serious and humorous when it needed funny. Really, this episode stands out as perfect in my eyes in terms of story, art, and plot management (getting audiences to feel a proper mood as it delivered). This is the best Kanon episode yet.

Comparing Mai with Makoto, people who read my comments about the latter in previous episodes already know what I'm going to say. heh But the mystery character in anime usually tends to always be the most interesting to watch for me. They're unpredictable. Anybody can wish for so-and-so to do something or anything. But the result tends to be open-ended or unexpected. A lot of unexpectation happened between me and Mai, events occured that I didn't think would occur. Mai transitioned into something here. I don't know what it is. But how she handles it will continue to be of fascination for me. She's far from boring yet!
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