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Hmm. So Revo is both Thanatos and Elef (Istoria and up) in this one. xD Minami is Artemisia. Guess all vocalist problems will be solved with the live concerts, but what about VOICE - is Marina Inoue Orion?

Thanks for posting dierapunzel. It was a pretty difficult read (I'd say it needs major editing) and I didn't get half of it, but certainly still very informative. ^^ I have a question though. During Illion, for example, is the SINGING (Shimotsuki and someone I don't know yet for the intro, YUUKI&KAORI&REMI during the rockish part) just narration/story or are they actually story characters? Or are they just the obverver sisters you speak of? Actually, nevermind. I suppose they are the observers you mentioned, since they are part of the 6 singing during Mythos.
Ha ha, I also believe Marina Inoue plays Orion.

Sorry for my bad writing. I was sleepy and Ike the hurricane was shaking my appartment... Anyhow, I also meant to be vague when I see something that's not so clear to me. Sorry about that, but I hope Live can explain them to us.

Revo updated his blog before the first Live, saying that Live is not the official interpretation and we may speculate all we like. So some people said that although it's Amethytos who opened the gate of Hades in first Live, not Elef. (they kind of treat them as different, one normal Elef and one dark Elef) But that could be because there's no time for Revo to change clothes... The bad news is that the singer 內藤彩加, Ayaka XXX?, was hurt during practice and was sent to hospital (rumors on the internet said that she fell from the stage the previous day), so her voices would be replaced by recordings. Revo hoped she would be well enough to return to later Lives, though.

Please come back, so the DVD can at least have a version with all the members together.....

For your question, yes, Haruka and the other singer, who people IDed as MIKI, were characters in that track, too. Until where Misia said the line "This is...Ilion?", they are two senior hetaeras who "teach" Misia about the business.
Also, in Thanatos, Remi and Ayaka play the two women in mask with some character written on their forehead. Yoshimi Iwasaki is both the billionaire's wife and Sopia, and Jimang is both the billionaire and Milos.
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