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OK, so I went through the album yet again with the story in mind and all I could find on Japanese sites, and compiled this list (obviously might not be 100% accurate until detailed LIVE reports/DVD?). Maybe someone finds it useful. I sure appreciate this CD even more now that I know more about the story/characters. ^^

Poem Goddesses (in Mythos 'lalala' order):
MIKI, REMI, Haruka Shimotsuki (霜月はるか), Ayaka Naitou (内藤彩加), KAORI, YUUKI

Moira Characters Vocals:
Dark Lord - Thanatos [Revo]
Dark Lord's Attendants - REMI, Ayaka Naitou (内藤彩加)
Leontius - Takashi Utsunomiya (宇都宮隆)
Misia/Artemisia - Minami Kuribayashi (栗林みな実)
adult Elef/Elefseja/Amethystos - Eleuseus [Revo] <- definitely Revo, I'm just guessing this is also his alias cause of the trackname (Eleuseus).
Sofia - Yoshimi Iwasaki (岩崎良美) (in Lesbos, Parthenos)
Cassandra - MIKI (in Ilion)
Melissa - Haruka Shimotsuki (霜月はるか) (in Ilion)
Milos - Jimang (in Horizontas)

Aleksey Romanovich Zvolinskiy - Jimang (in Matryoshka, Telos)
his wife - Ayaka Naitou (内藤彩加) (in Matryoshka, Telos)

Moira Characters Voice: (when different from vocal, well this is just some guesses)
young Elef - Yukana
young Orion - Marina Inoue
adult Orion - ???? (if he's even there)
Scorpius - Norio Wakamoto
Priest - Jimang (in Ilion)
Filis - Noriko Hidaka (in Lesbos, Istoria)
Amazon Queen - Houko Kuwashima (in Istoria)
Queen - Akio Otsuka
the rest is random people, I guess

Any corrections? :X
Aleksey's wife should be 岩崎良美. Other vocals are correct. And Akio Otsuka is a MAN, he plays the twins' adopt Father (the one battled Scorpius). I don't know who plays the Queen, I only recognize young Orion, Scorpius, Amazon Queen, and the Father...

If you are interested, this page has a complete who-sings-which-lyrics summary by some Japanese with amazing ears:
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