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Originally Posted by KiraYamatoFan View Post
I also expect great things from this, especially that I'm now both feet wet into the Assassin's Creed universe. The ideas of Pirates and Assassins look great to me; Black Beard telling the story was agood idea too. And BTW, fanservice is always welcome and I really missed that since the younger Ezio timeline.

Still, I must admit I was first surprised they would go a little backwards in time as well as going into quite a familiar setting considering how people were expecting a lot for the new story to revolve around countries like Japan or China. For my own opinion, I was hoping a lot that the next game would take place in Japan around the Bakumatsu period considering the major changes around that time (traditions vs. modernity). Perhaps it is for another year.
the AC universe does goes around different countries, but when we consider China or Japan, there in the historic times, we get samurai's and warlords, but i think the biggest problem with these countries will be the styling of the MC assassin,i can't see how the assassin might go jumping from one roof to another doing parkour in a kimono or a yukata,
and if he gets dressed a ninja i think the series shits itself then and there
and the hood is the signature dresscode of the assassin.
even the weapons will be very different non-AC style,
but the let's see where the universe takes us
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