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HAH, seeing shinku demand tea brought back memories of the first season from years ago.

this series was very memorable for me in that it taught me what a harpsichord was and who taro aso was.

I do remember that people never really liked traumend, and then I remembered that all I cared about was getting more rozen maiden back then so I never really hated it.

the animation this time is kinda blurred compared to what I remember, and the desu~ isn't quite the same (something about the seiyuu having health problems and was replaced?) suigintou this time around isn't as likeable and I don't remember kanaria making an appearance before this. but I'm not complaining, might be because I already knew most of the scenes shown, I totally forgot about the mirror as a door though, although I distinctly remember hinaichigo being the same crybaby as before.

looks like the next episode will be quite interesting.
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