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Originally Posted by OtseisRagnarok View Post
And something I'd like to see: How about some villages other than Sand and Leaf? maybe show us the hidden rock village? They talk about rock ninja hating leaf ninja, but I'd like to see them in action.
the hate stems from the classic rock, paper, scissors

Originally Posted by OtseisRagnarok View Post
Well, I don't know how many times i'm going to need to say this, but Naruto(the character) isn't supposed to be learning new techniques. Think back to DBZ, how many techniques did Goku actually know? Maybe four, for the entire series. Naruto takes after him in that respect. He has few techniques, but he is extemely skilled with each of them. Naruto is what I like to refer to as being "specialized".
this is true, but atleast Goku could fight w/out using special techniques Naruto's taijutsu is just horrendous in all aspects.
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