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Originally Posted by OtseisRagnarok View Post
Well, you obviously haven't paid any attention to The Buu Saga. All it was was special techniques.
Not to mention that Naruto was never trained in Taijutsu.
Originally Posted by DjTrizz View Post

this is true, but atleast Goku could fight w/out using special techniques Naruto's taijutsu is just horrendous in all aspects.
bold emphasis and there's more to a series than just that one saga. Goku vs. Krillin in Dragonball and Goku vs. Ubuu are good examples, yeah they're not completely w/out the use of special powers, but my point still remains the same.

there was a character comparison and I broke it down a bit, doesn't really change anything. Naruto is supposedly Goku-ish, he just sucks at it He has the quick learning down and patent though while Chouji inherited the love of food

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