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Originally Posted by roon View Post
In the preview for ep24, what is that mech after the now infamous Guren scene? It looks like the Shinkirou, but I'm not sure...

As for this ep, a bit boring overall, but I see it as calm before the storm. Even so... Corneliaaaa
Shinkirou was in this episode, all throughout. It was revealed in the hangar near the beginning of the episode and Lelouch was shown standing on top of it with that sword of his when both Schneizel and Lelouch's forces faced off. Shinkirou is still in action. It may have been modified for whatever upcoming fight that is bound to happen.

Lloyd has probably gotten his hand on it.

Lelouch will probably be the one with the overpowered uber mech at the end of this...

Lelouch: "Schneizel... meet the wrath of... SHINKIROU DAMMERUNG ZERO!"

Shinkirou busts out the Freya nullying bubble. OMG! What if that is what Lloyd and Neena are working on? Lelouch's leet haxx robot for the final showdown?
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