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You know, someone should have added a rule that last year's winner should abstain from this year. And no, Demi, it's not aimed at you, every country's leader cannot run for the same post over and over again. It gets really bad after some time.

By the way, 2009 could be very different from 2008, depending on how many Koreans want more SaiMoe.
I don't see the co-relation.

LS will make it in because of LSfags. And I'd have to agree that even I wouldn't vote Feito much this year just because I want something new.
Hm. LS fags are everywhere.
And something new... yeah agree here.

This time I think that the anti-Kyoani people should be more worried with Clannad than LS.
Well...... I dunno about that, but there's so many others in CLANNAD ~After Story~ that's not been seeded yet. Like:
-Sanae (no, really)
-Yukine (yes, yakuza ane-ue for the win!)
and I believe there's going to be more.

And Haruhi too (if not for the fact that's it's almost 3 years)
-Kyon's sis
(and don't get me staarted on the Seitenkan)

So, yeah, almost ALL the Kyoani projects are to be feared.
But Touhou is also up this year, it seems.
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