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Originally Posted by ShimatheKat View Post
You know, someone should have added a rule that last year's winner should abstain from this year. And no, Demi, it's not aimed at you, every country's leader cannot run for the same post over and over again. It gets really bad after some time.

I know it wasn't aimed at me, but country leaders would not be subjected to hate for running the country well and would continue to be re-elected, as compared to moe tournaments where the more you win, the more you become hated. There has never been a repeat winner in any moe tournament, and I doubt it would start now. But if it does happen, then it happens. This is meant to be for fun, but excluding a character for previously winning kind of ruins the concept of ISML. It's the "best of the best" and you can't have all the best, if you don't even have last years winner.

@Eater-of-all: Oic. Now that makes more sense.
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