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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Don't forget this is a visual novel... visuals and music make all the difference to parts that would otherwise be uninteresting to read. (See: Legend of the Golden Witch.)

And we planned to make the Greentext intrusive... maybe I'll have the programmers make it immune to the Ctrl key.
I'm aware it's a visual novel.

Anyways, what irks me about the green text is not how intrusive it is: it's the sheer volume of seemingly useless GOING CRAZY banter. I think I know what you want to accomplish... But I know most people will skim it and miss plot points, or just plain ignoreit (if you make it too annoying). The scene is still very early into the novel, when there's no big emotional investment in the work yet. You're in danger of losing readers altogether if you make it too obnoxious.

This is a matter of writing style, I guess.

(Sorry if I sound judgemental, Kaisos. I'm a Communications student, so this is pretty much applied theory. It's fun to do! )

Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Kyon IS a good person, but my god is he shallow.
Can't argue with that, just stating it's a very common flaw in his age range.

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