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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Stop bitching. I have a life too.

Spoiler for September the Fifth, Day 4: Hallway- The Ponytailed Girl, Again/Hallway- The Pretty Girl, Again:

These are pretty much the same scene, just with Kyon's conclusion to the events being totally different.

The reason for this is because of how Kyon is introduced to each of them originally... whereas he sees Kyonko as just some girl just stealing his shoes, he immediately suspects that Itsuko is important.

This, in turn, is because Itsuko is the hottest thing in this game, and Kyon is very, very shallow.
Good scene. Kyon is really shallow, so tis make this scene be somewhat funny. Specially because the most important girl there is Kyonko, not Itsuko. And it was her who was one of the intruders of the last day.

Also, somewhat interesting how you compressed "Missing Shoes" in a single line, insted a whole scene.

There is one more thing is buging me since a few scenes ago. In The Answers (IV), we learn Itsuko make contact with the Organization. She obviously don't see any problem talking with people from the other world, as long they are not Suzumiya. She even censored Kyonko and Yuuki for fleeing, when it would be more simpler stay and talk. But then, why she did hide her identity from Kyon (beside plot device, I mean)? Wouldn't be better for her just call him for a chat and explain everyting?

Originally Posted by Binjovi View Post
Maybe I'm a more dedicated reader than the average person or something, but I haven't once thought of Greentext as annoying or long-winded. If you could point to some examples, perhaps I could see where you're coming from.
I, by the other side, was kinda tired reading that crazy scene. I think I even skiped a few lines.

I am far from being an avarage reader, tough. This might be because the scene is too long. Making the reading kinda tiresome for me. And, as Kaisos said, in the actuall game is harder to miss anything.
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