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Originally Posted by Binjovi View Post
1. She already told Taniguchi and Kunikida that her name was Yamada and she made the connection early on that those two were probably the same as Kyonko's friends. She obviously knew who Kyon was and would also suspect that he would share a class with Taniguchi and Kunikida on this side as well. So, in order to remove any confusion down the road, she has decided to use the fake name for the time being.
She could give hime the fake name and still explaning it to Kyon, you know. The name is, actually, prettymuch irrelevant

Originally Posted by Binjovi View Post
2. It's obvious that sometime prior to meeting Kyon on the street that morning, Itsuko contacted Itsuki's Organization. There was no way for her to have made contact during her previous jump to the other side where she met Taniguchi and Kunikida, so it must have been the night after the final ripple. It's possible the Organization requested/suggested that she not give out her true identity to anyone. Since Kyonko had given her the name Yamada previously, it would make sense that she would just roll with that to alleviate confusion.
This make more sense, I guess. You are assuming the Oranization ask her to keep secret right? However, while this make sense to the ORganization (they be relativelly more powerful if they are the only who have that information), that wouldn't explain why she asked to Mitsuuru and Yuuki to also contact their bosses (which is pretty much the same as telling to Mikuru/Yuki).
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