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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
I think it's just that they don't think Kyon really needs to know about this at the current time, until they determine for certain if Itsuko is really who and what she says she is.

An optional scene on Day 5 will kind of address this, actually.

Spoiler for September the Fifth, Day 4: Hallway: A Familiar Laugh:

I would remind everyone, or inform those who don't know, to keep in mind that this scene normally only triggers after you've beaten six routes, though this restriction will be removed for the demo.

I'm not actually that pleased with how this turned out, but what can you do, it's too early and I'm sleep-deprived and exhibiting the physical symptoms of stress.

Enjoy. And yes, I am a proponent of the Kansai dialect = Southern drawl translation convention.

(Those who have been paying attention up till now should draw a fair few conclusions from this scene, heh.)
As usual, Tsuruya is awesome.
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