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Originally Posted by chickdigger802 View Post
So how is the anime doing? I remember watching a few of the earlier chapters but the pacing and the cheesy anime circles and the weird tone change (feels like a teen manga was turned into a kids anime) turned me off a bit.

Do they still spam 'stock footage' attacks all day? Is the animation any better?
Let's make it clear. Animation is presumably the worst element of puzzle named Fairy Tail. Occasionally (e.g. in some important moments) it is better, more careful, but it's definitely not a standard here. Backgrounds and chars could have more details and be better shaded, but it's only TV serie, so you cannot expect good stuff here.

Originally Posted by przemoc View Post
Some important (IMO) details are still not mentioned, so I'll write them with other remarks.
- snip from spoiler for ep 73 about visual changes -
I noticed 2 things:
  • Reduced use of CG magical circle signs, which is good.
    Spoiler for manga:
  • Natsu's glowing hand instead of flames... WTF, tight budget? Hand flames weren't maybe perfect, but this now is so typical and overused across animes that I'm really disappointed.
- snip -
This glowing hand is really out of place and they still insist on using it.

We haven't had any real battles now, so the sample is not enough to claim that repeated attacks footage usage (like 1000x times so far) was really diminished lately. I wish it be true though...

I can somewhat agree with Quarkboy, but times of rising average animation level are in the past. It isn't really getting better in last 9 eps and they are even lowering this average in recent eps.
Maybe it will improve again toward some battles.
Spoiler for manga:
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