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Originally Posted by Wilfriback View Post

Index II got the 5th place among the most sold series.

Heck, I bet it could have sold even more if they had put a bit more effort in the animation.
Firstly, when you said most sold, you mean most sold in total? If so having two cours and eight volumes does have it's advantages, but it's still pretty iffy-looking for me- for one thing, I'm assuming that's K-on!! at number 4? How the heck does K-On!! lose to OreImo when the latter is 2 cours with nearly twice the average sales? And it's really unbelievable that Anohana (Whose average sales is only slightly less than IS) drops so far down to number 9... But not as crazy as Amagami SS (It's the only show with 'SS' in it's name) somehow on that ranking when it didn't even break 10k average.

Secondly, Persona 4 have terrible animation and art for most of the time yet it sold way more than Index 2 (albeit, it's only at the first volume) so please get over it already and realize that there are other more decisive factors.

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