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Voted for Rider, Waver, and Lancer

Rider & Waver are by far my favorite duo of the series. Despite such a dark series, Rider always manages to put a smile on my face. I don't necessarily agree with all he said to Saber in episode 11 but I loved how he said it. He epitomizes the term GAR. And I just love Waver's Tsundere tendieces with him. It shows great relationships do not always have to be romance centered. And I love the whole big brother/little brother thing they have going on. Of course Rider is already awesome but I see a lot of potential in Waver.

Lancer just because I can't help but feel for his sad past and the sad situation he is in. It's like he can't escape his sad fate. His story really affected me probably more so than any other moment in the series so far. Or maybe I just like his mole I don't know.

I didn't vote for them but honorable mentions go to Saber & Irisviel, besides Rider/Waver they are the only Master/Servant pair I enjoy on the show (I should mention I realize Irisviel isn't truly Saber's Master)

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