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i voted for 4 people.

irisviel- man, one of the most adorable characters ever made and i thank gen so much for this <<3 and the fact that she's one hell of a milf is just! <3 i love her personality very much as well. I just love this woman.

Saber - too kickass! Fz saber owns fsn saber so much. Those scenes with her and my iris are just making me want fz to end differently. Dx

Gilgamesh- it's honestly so rare for me to fanboy over a male character. But gil is one of those that i just can't help but like so much.he's too awesome. Damn..

Maiya- not much reason for this, but she's so damn hot!! she can have as many kiritsugu as she wants and i don't care. I'm shipping iris x saber anyways. Lol,
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