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It's hard to say. Regardless of execution, I struggle to become interested in shows aimed at little kids (and reminiscence would be my reason for watching high school themed shows, but most people I know have little interest in revisiting those years time and again), so I can understand why someone's eyes might glaze over when watching Chihayafuru. For variety, a handful of teen-oriented shows may be fine, but there comes a point when enough is enough. The themes are just too trite and juvenile.
You quoted me for some reason about the comment about watching High School kids but I just want to point out that wasn't me.

However I will say very much I also would love more adults in anime (we especially need more adult female characters).

That being said I personally don't have as much of a problem with stories about kids though because I've always had a thing for growing up & coming of age stories. I just love the themes of these stories.

In the end what matters most to me is whether the story is well told and the characters well developed. I think Chihayafuru has that in spades.
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