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Originally Posted by ThereminVox View Post
I have seen the final frontier, and it is a stupid, stupid, stupid place.

Spoiler for Episode 06:
That is so true; it usually takes me no more than one episode to get tired of "nutty lesbian chases uninterested straight girl" antics, but Kuuko remains hilarious. On the other hand, it usually takes me less time to get bored with "nutty straight girl chases uninterested guy" (having burned out all my tolerance for that trope in the 90s) and I'm finding Nyarko funny too.

On the other hand, Xoth. Frickin' Xoth. These people have some serious love for the Mythos to even have heard of Xoth, and they properly associated it with Cthulhu (it's the star where in Lin Carter's stories Cthuhlu mated with Idd-Yah to produce their three offspring) and then managed to get a pun out of it. It's that kind of stuff that makes this series awesome even though I'm fully aware I'm missing more than half of the anime references.

Though I have to I the only person who looked at Hastur, said "boy," and immediately started wondering if he would turn out to be a reverse trap since every other Great Old One or Outer God has been female thus far?
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