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From the ratings thread:
Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
I wonder if it wasn't a strategic mistake to run Apollon first. Tsuritama is certainly weird, but I think it actually has a broader appeal than the moodier show before it. I know Apollon had all the Watanabe-Kanno hype, but to be honest, that might matter more outside Japan than it does with the contemporary domestic anime audience.
Originally Posted by Katapan View Post
I don't think it was necessarily a bad gamble to have Apollon as the first batter. It wasn't only promoted with the Watanabe/Kanno angle, but also quite a few times as the "return of a music show on noitaminA, after Nodame Cantabile".
If I had started watching with the expectation of seeing another Nodame Cantabile, I'd have been very disappointed. Sakamichi no Apollon isn't anywhere near as humorous, doesn't have a dashing male protagonist like Chiaki, and is based on a musical genre which I suspect is more foreign to Japanese viewers than classical. Not having young adults as the characters, along with Sentarou's propensity for fisticuffs, might have discouraged some viewers as well.

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