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I dunno, I think it's very likely jazz is currently more popular in Japan than the US. When I've traveled there I've seen jazz everywhere - hotel bars, clubs, concert listings... The Japanese have contributed many legends to jazz over the years, and I think have a real connection to it. I don't think that's the problem.

If you look at the two NoitaminA shows this time, I think what you see is two superlatively good series with no moe, no yuri and modest presence by teenaged girls. NoitaminA or no, I think that's the real problem.
Er, moe and yuri aren't going to lead to a hit in ratings. You can only achieve that by appealing beyond the otaku niche to a mainstream audience. It's a completely different playing field from disc sales. Look at Kaiji S2 - it didn't sell on DVD, but it was one of, if not the highest-rated late-night show last year, because it was a part of a beloved franchise with general appeal and had the tie-in with the live-action film.

I think Moyashimon Returns, being a sequel to one of noitamina's biggest hits, has a strong chance of pulling viewers back in. Of course, that might be meaningless in the long term since it and Natsuyuki are being followed up by Robotics;Notes and Psychopass, which look to followup the direction the time-slot went with Guilty Crown instead of the return to its old ways that the spring and summer lineups are. I can't understand what the producer's long-term strategy for noitamina is.
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