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Originally Posted by Slayerx View Post
Katara HATED bloodbending and never wanted to use it. It stands to reason that she would have never explored the possibilities; unlike Amon. Furthermore she outlawed bloodbending; that alone would tell waterbenders around the world that it is possible to bend blood... all it takes is for a sink minded water bender to actually try it... And in Yakone's case, his bloodline just happened to be VERY strong when it came to bending.
Remember "The Southern Water Raiders"? She didn't seem to hate it much then, quickly using it. And the fact that other people know about it, strikes me as something odd, too. The way they set it up in the series, they made it seem like Hama was the only one who knew, and thus why she wanted to pass it along to someone else. If Katara didn't want any other bloodbenders... why even make such a proclamation? "Oh, and guys, don't make nuclear weapons. Oops, did I just tell everyone that it was possible to make nuclear weapons? Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut."

I will grant the possibility that someone else could stumble upon it, however unlikely the original series made it seem. But in that case, it should be a fairly well known bending style as of the first series, like lightning is to firebenders.

And even if you ignore all that... we were repeatedly told that it was impossible to blood bend without a full moon. It's like they tell us only the avatar can master all bending styles... and then suddenly having a pair of nobodies who can do the same. It breaks the established narrative. They could have explained it so much better, if spirits were involved somehow, which would have made vastly more sense (and give us a reason as to why Korra wasn't very good at the spiritual stuff).

The air planes were plenty believable. If you look at the history of cars, you could say that the cars that existed in this series were the same kind as you would have seen in the 1910's which is when we had WWI, which is where we first saw bi-planes being used for combat... And those meches were rather simple... i mean picture a WWI tank, only built in the shape of a human and with a grapping hook instead of a gun. I mean the legs did not move, they were just standing on treads, and the arms have a very limited rang of movement; The only reason WE never built such a thing is because it isn't as practical as a tank (one good cannon shot and that thing will fall over). I'm not even sure if the electric weapons are that farfetched when you consider that Tesla was trying to develop electric weapons back in the early 1900's; though it might be a tad much for them to have made them so portable. So frankly, it does not really go beyond my suspension of disbelief.
Airplanes, I'd probably buy. Just that he made such effective bombers in such a short time. Literally days, maybe a week at most. It took us many years to go from gliders to powered military aircraft (look at the difference between WW1 and WW2 aircraft).

But as you said, the mecha tanks weren't practical, when compared with regular tanks. I could buy the regular tanks in the first series, since they were firebender powered and made sense. The caterpillar tanks and submarines were rather brilliant, too.

But part of my problem with them, is that they can quite easily be knocked over by a simple earthbending move... which Korra and the Earthbenders failed to do in their first meeting. It really reeks of the writers doing a bad job trying to make these things threatening. "Oooh, mecha!"

Lastly, sure, we had electricity back then. But there is a big difference between electricity, and having small enough batteries to produce the charge needed to lay someone out. I don't buy the tech level being that good. At the very least, it's a copout to try and make the bad guys more of a threat

God forbid we have a surprise twist and some tension.
There are surprise twists. And then there are asspulls. You're confusing the two. Even twists have some foreshadowing; in fact, a twist makes you look back and go "Huh, yeah, it all fits, but I just didn't see it quite that way."

The writers needed hostages to force Korra to fight. And so they provided some. I'm just surprised they didn't add Katara and her kids to the hostage roster. How would he have kidnapped them? Does it matter? We don't need to explain anything!

Maybe by itself, I might not have minded, but there were just too many things that broke the bounds of disbelief. It's bad writing, plain and simple.

There have been times when Aang was beaten or captured where the avatar state was not triggered... the same holds true for Korra; merely being beaten by Amon was not enough to trigger the defense. We have also seen that the avatar state CAN be triggered by distress as Aang was triggered when he found out the air monks were killed and when he thought Katara was buried.
And that's just it... Aang went in and out of the state many times. Sure, it wasn't activated all the time, but it at least went off. Korra didn't go into it once, despite being in similar situations. We were told over and over that it was a defense mechanism, although it could late be controlled. It was something conveniently ignored, because the writers couldn't make it work with their story.

Ask yourself if this is the road you want them to go down. For if they do a third series, and start ignoring even more of the lore, when suddenly other people can bend multiple elements, and they are using interstellar space ships with 1960's tech.

And as a fic writer, I'd love to be able to get away with this stuff. I'd love to write "and then the villain suddenly has a death ray that was never mentioned previously!" and follow that up "but suddenly our hero has a death ray reflection shield that was never mentioned before" and then "but the villain suddenly reveals that he holds all the loved ones of the hero captive as hostage, despite them being scattered across the world 5 minutes ago!"

It would be damn easy to write that way, without worrying about setting things up. Unfortunately, my readers wouldn't let me get away with it. They'd call it for the BS that it is.

Also if we look too Aang's earth bending, we know that unlocking your most difficult art sometimes does not come from training but by entering a a certain emotional state. In Aang's case, it was learning to have guts and stand firm in face of great danger... In Korra's case it was desperation to save Mako when she had no other bending to fight with... Also she did throw a punch when she threw that first air attack at amon.
Pardon the pun, but you're really bending to make that connection. Aang was told, and shown, how to earthbend. His problem was his attitude, being able to stand firm. Once he did that, and assumed the stance he was taught, it worked. Korra's airbending came from literally nowhere. It would have made far more sense for her to enter the avatar state and airbend. That would have made sense.

That would be out of character for Koh... Koh told Aang that he does not hold grudges, especially not against the future reincarnations of the avatar; he understands that the new avatars are not responsible for what the previous avatars have done.
Unless he was lying, or Aang did something in the previous time period to anger him. Anyway, it was just a random thought, in order to get the spirits involved somehow, which would account for the OP bloodbending and the mask. Don't have to use Koh; there are plenty of spirits, after all.

Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
To be fair, Korra had already spent 10 or so years learning all the elements sans Air, and then she has spent the series learning the movements for Air but not the ability to control the element. So, it is not like she suddenly gained the ability with no training. She had the training, just not the 'will'.
She was bending those three elements at age... 4? 5? A friend of mine pointed this out to me, as a point of disgust on his part. I can see his point, but I just consider it to be part of Korra's unique charm. I suspect other avatars in the past were able to do some multiple bending at a young age.

But as was said above, I can't compare it with Aang's earth bending(or energy bending), because of the clear difference. Aang had to learn to "stand his ground" which he did with the bullmoose. What was Korra's problem? It was never said, other than it just wasn't clicking for her. To me, this was a failing on the part of the writing, to more clearly elucidate as to what Korra's problem was. If they could have done that, and then set up a situation where Korra was forced to overcome her mental block like Aang did, it wouldn't have felt like it came out of nowhere.
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