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Originally Posted by creb View Post

Asami being put in path for Sokka 2.0. Lame.

Mako all lovey-dovey with Korra. Minutes after being lovey-dovey with Asami. So lame.
Asami was the lame one for sticking it out for so long. If a guy is by your bed all night, that means something. The look on his face said it all.

Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Ugh, Asami deserves love but pushing her to the lesser Brother would be a mistake and make her a brother hopper. It would also give justification to hate Asami since if she dated Bolin it would always be "I'm only dating him to get back at you Mako" no matter what happens and Bolin would always be "Second Best that is only with her because the best is with another". Best to avoid that fully and let Bolin get with a new character in Book 2.
Totally agree.

Technically, Asami is not needed anymore if they leave Republic City in Book 2. Now that the couple is established, 3 is a crowd. Bolin needs to find learn metal bending and find a nice chi bender to hang with so we have 2 couples for Book 2.And since Mako impressed Amon, we need to see more skills from the guy.

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But as was said above, I can't compare it with Aang's earth bending(or energy bending), because of the clear difference. Aang had to learn to "stand his ground" which he did with the bullmoose. What was Korra's problem? It was never said, other than it just wasn't clicking for her. To me, this was a failing on the part of the writing, to more clearly elucidate as to what Korra's problem was. If they could have done that, and then set up a situation where Korra was forced to overcome her mental block like Aang did, it wouldn't have felt like it came out of nowhere.
They did set it up. Korra in the very beginning didn't think that she needed air bending to be the Avatar. She was good with the other 3. Then came a probending match and she needed it to help them win. This is a similar situation. Amon took all her bending away and she really needed something to save Mako and her air bending kicked in full force as it was the only thing left.

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