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^Don't mistake my words. Korra had the techniques to utilize air bending. She trained for it. But, she lacked the fundamental qualities required to actual bend Air, and, truthfully, I do not think she was ever shown actually gaining the traits needed to utilize Air.

Air, by its very nature, is free, and Korra, in a nice dramatic turn, was constantly plagued by her insecurities throughout the series. I liked this. I liked that her fears were (undoubtedly) the root of her inability to be bend air. Sadly, she never really got over her fears, so I am unclear how she was able to bend air (a slight argument could be made that she survived her greatest fear, so she could finally break through her mental block and air bend).

Again, her bending air is fine on a theoretical level. She has the training, just not the 'will'.

(That being said, I find many of your other critiques are far closer to nitpicking rather than true criticism. The technology of the series can't be questioned too far, especially since it is unknown how long these various death machines had been under production, and there basic design is well within the pseudo steam punk vibe the creators were going for, so I generally disagree with your incredulous response. And, while I was a long time supporter of Koh as well, blood bending is a sufficient answer considering the massive control it has over the body (additionally, as Sokka said in his brief appreance (and I'm paraphrasing), "if you can accept that a fire bender can shoot fire from his forehead at will, then why couldn't a water bender learn to blood bend without the moon?"). As for Tenzin and his family...well Republic city is Aang's city, and Amon and his brother have partially targeted the city because of that, so targeting Tenzin is natural. And, considering that he and his family represent the last of the airbenders, their death would have been a monstrous blow to the world's morale. So, it makes sense (to me at least) that Tenzin would have been public enemy number 2, and this is partially confirmed during the initial invasion as Amon sends multiple mechas and ships simply to capture Tenzin and his family.)

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