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Originally Posted by Kaijo View Post
Remember "The Southern Water Raiders"? She didn't seem to hate it much then, quickly using it.
That's because she was really, really, really overly emotional and no longer thinking like her normal self... kind of like how someone who would never harm a fly, might be driven to kill if you do something to anger them in a way they never felt before. Hell that was the whole POINT of that event, to show that Katara's anger over the loss of her mother had given her a thirst for vengeance that was causing her to act against her principles. She was acting out of pure rage.

And the fact that other people know about it, strikes me as something odd, too. The way they set it up in the series, they made it seem like Hama was the only one who knew, and thus why she wanted to pass it along to someone else. If Katara didn't want any other bloodbenders... why even make such a proclamation? "Oh, and guys, don't make nuclear weapons. Oops, did I just tell everyone that it was possible to make nuclear weapons? Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut."
in history groups of people who never interacted can easily make similar developments... when it comes down to it, the ONLY requirement for one to begin the recreation of bloodbending is for one skilled waterbending to think "isn't there water in blood?"

in fact, if the villagers knew how hama was abducting poeple (which would be a requirement if they wanted to keep her locked up since they would have to know to avoid her cell during the full moon), then its easy to believe that the rumors of bloodbending would slowly spread from there.

I will grant the possibility that someone else could stumble upon it, however unlikely the original series made it seem. But in that case, it should be a fairly well known bending style as of the first series, like lightning is to firebenders.
Which is why Katara saw fit to outlaw bloodbending... its not well known because it is universally outlawed, and only criminals would ever attempt to recreate the technique assuming they have the patience, talent and discipline to figure it out.

In the end, katara had a choice... try to keep in a secret and risk the technique being recreated in an unprepared world, or allow word to spread, but prepare the world to counter it should it pop up

Hell its even possibly that over the 30 years since the first series (it was outlawed when yakone was around), some other waterbender somewhere already figured it out, or stories of bloodbending had already slipped. Thus given Katara reason to act instead of trying to keep a secret that was no longer secret

And even if you ignore all that... we were repeatedly told that it was impossible to blood bend without a full moon. It's like they tell us only the avatar can master all bending styles... and then suddenly having a pair of nobodies who can do the same. It breaks the established narrative. They could have explained it so much better, if spirits were involved somehow, which would have made vastly more sense (and give us a reason as to why Korra wasn't very good at the spiritual stuff).
As sokka pointed out, there was once a time when people did not believe metal bending was possible... toph proved them wrong. There was a time when people did not believe Blood bending was possible, but Hama proved them wrong. Most would not think it possible to channel firebending through your mind, but then we have combustion man. I'd probably say that there was probably a time when lightning was not considered possible either. We are dealing with a world that evolves with time, and as such new discovers pop up.

Airplanes, I'd probably buy. Just that he made such effective bombers in such a short time. Literally days, maybe a week at most. It took us many years to go from gliders to powered military aircraft (look at the difference between WW1 and WW2 aircraft).
Only if you assume Sato has only been developping these plane in these past few weeks... Sato has been yearning for this day for years and could have easily been developing all of his weapons for years.

But as you said, the mecha tanks weren't practical, when compared with regular tanks. I could buy the regular tanks in the first series, since they were firebender powered and made sense. The caterpillar tanks and submarines were rather brilliant, too.

But part of my problem with them, is that they can quite easily be knocked over by a simple earthbending move... which Korra and the Earthbenders failed to do in their first meeting. It really reeks of the writers doing a bad job trying to make these things threatening. "Oooh, mecha!"
I see i thought your only problem was the impossibility of the tech. Yes i agree they are very impractical weapons, but the same can be said about most EVERY mech in fiction... kinda of pointless to complain about this one use of mechs if you don't complain about everything else

There are surprise twists. And then there are asspulls. You're confusing the two. Even twists have some foreshadowing; in fact, a twist makes you look back and go "Huh, yeah, it all fits, but I just didn't see it quite that way."

The writers needed hostages to force Korra to fight. And so they provided some. I'm just surprised they didn't add Katara and her kids to the hostage roster. How would he have kidnapped them? Does it matter? We don't need to explain anything!
They did foreshadow it... In the previous episode it seemed clear that Amon was specifically aiming for the last airbenders and Lin even emphasized that point... Getting rid of them would end airbending and that was the fear. So its not that shocking to find out that amon managed to track them down and capture them...

If they took it a step furthar and actually showed the equalists knocking on their door, then it wouldn't be much of a twist since the idea that they were captured after that would be EXTREMELY predictable. The best kind of foreshadowing is the subtle kind, not the painfully obvious.

And that's just it... Aang went in and out of the state many times. Sure, it wasn't activated all the time, but it at least went off. Korra didn't go into it once, despite being in similar situations. We were told over and over that it was a defense mechanism, although it could late be controlled. It was something conveniently ignored, because the writers couldn't make it work with their story.

How many times did aang go into the state when his life was in danger? For instance, when he was captured by General Zhao, he did not go into the state and had to be saved by Zuko. The defence mechanism only triggers when DEATH is imminent... and frankly, Amon nor tarlok ever actually attempted to kill korra; just ruin her life

As for the emotional trigger... again, this only occurred when Aang either knew about someone who had died (monk gyasto), or when he thought someone he cared about was about to die (Katara getting buried)... This actually fits with the idea of an avatar realizing their power by being at their lowest point.

In korra's case, we have to consider the concept of "a fate worst than death" and for Korra that was loosing her bending... Korra was utterly and emotionally destroy and that was enough to trigger her spiritual connection.

Ask yourself if this is the road you want them to go down. For if they do a third series, and start ignoring even more of the lore, when suddenly other people can bend multiple elements, and they are using interstellar space ships with 1960's tech.
Actually i'm assuming the next jump would go as far as the present time... though i would be more interested for them to do some prequels and show us the adventures of the previous avatars.

Pardon the pun, but you're really bending to make that connection. Aang was told, and shown, how to earthbend. His problem was his attitude, being able to stand firm. Once he did that, and assumed the stance he was taught, it worked. Korra's airbending came from literally nowhere. It would have made far more sense for her to enter the avatar state and airbend. That would have made sense.
Stance are not as important as you think when you consider the fact that ANY body movement can become a trigger for bending... recall Katara in epsidoe 1 of the first series; she had plenty of trouble dealing with her water bending and yet it was when she got emotional and started waving her arms around that she destroyed an iceberg (with the breaks matching her arm movements)...

Korra got overly emotional over Mako, threw out her fist, possibly in a futile attempt to throw a fire ball, and ended up throwing air instead. And just as Aang could easily earth bend after he did it once, she found herself able to throw out crude blasts of air

we saw in the previous series that bending is not limited to forms and stance as the emtoional state is also a factor and one that ingores the need for forms and stances... those forms and stance are only key for learning to accurately control that power, instead of just randomly throwing attacks

Originally Posted by orion View Post
Technically, Asami is not needed anymore if they leave Republic City in Book 2. Now that the couple is established, 3 is a crowd. Bolin needs to find learn metal bending and find a nice chi bender to hang with so we have 2 couples for Book 2.And since Mako impressed Amon, we need to see more skills from the guy.
Maybe, but you can also point out that she also has nothing waiting for her in Republic city; when it comes down to it, team avatar are STILL her closet friends. So if they leave the city, then what exactly is to keep her in republic city? I guess she could run her dad's company, she enjoyed cars afterall, but that's assuming the company will even continue without her father who was the brains of the operation...
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