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Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
Ah, you are busy. Fun for me

So I did a few changes to make the loop seem like a loop and not teleporting attackers

Did you want a border with that? That would increase the quality a bit Well, I'll just add the bordered one :P
ooo, that looks very nice!! thank you very much ^^, and sorry for not answering a question about which episode was this, was busy making my own signatures atleast experimenting with them, downloaded yesterday photoshop to try this out here's my works as for now, though its far from best ones like u guys do but oh well, still learning

<--- i think i failed badly on this one lol

<--- my best work by so far o.0
And those 2 made by paint and photobucket lol(it was before i downloaded photoshop)

And this is from the game called NFS world, though what i like in that game is scenery and awesome vinyl designing on your own cars, thats why i stick to that game

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