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Ah.. I see, sou ka.. I never knew about that. I only follow about 5 VA's. So I never knew they would tweet things like that. Yeah, both tweets I mentioned can be anything really. Fate/Zero, SAO, heck maybe even Accel World, which was announced to be streamed on Neon Alley soon. Sandy Fox would be a good choice for Silica from watching your video, I can definitely see this fitting. I also have a feeling that Christina Vee will audition for Yuuki Asuna, not that I'm against it or anything. I mean, who doesn't want a lead role? Anyway, whatever happens I hope this project turns out good. I think this is the first time I watched something subbed, and it gets dubbed sooner or later. Might take time to get used to the English voices. I hope I am not disappointed.
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