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Actually, Miyama is the one who comes up with the characters heights and weights.
Miyama needs to listen to the description of the characters before drawing. So far he made several mistakes.

-Ravel's breast size(It also affected the anime lol. Thats why she was so flat in the anime)

-Rias wearing white dress in volume 2 (In the story it was written that she was wearing a red dress. Not white.)

-Vali's eye colour in volume 4.

-Ise's height compared to Rias(Storywise he was taller than her in LN. Miyama also made him taller illustration wise, but he made him shorter when he was asked about the height...)
The others sound like straight up mistakes (now I want to see the red dress) but maybe Ise's height was at or before volume 1? Because he seems to hit a growth spurt after the whole "traing from hell" thing with Tanin.
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