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Originally Posted by JAGI_X View Post
Well yeah even in vol 6 Kiryu notice that his chest is bigger (buffed up) and if you look at Volume 7 Illustrations where we notice ISSEI body with and without shirt.
Yup there is quite a noticeable difference between Issie pre and post Tannin training. Even now in the later chapters Issie is significantly taller and more muscular than he was in the beginning of the series. Got no idea why the japanese anime directors (LN author/illustrator) aside have a fetish with short main characters. It's very annoying, hope they remedy that in season 2.

edit; I wonder is Koneko will have a growth spurt in the coming chapters. Personally I always assumed that she stayed short because she was suppressing her nature and now with her learning of senjutsu she'd grow a more mature body like her sister.
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