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Christine Marie Cabanos as Silica. Okay, not a bad choice. I actually thought about her playing this role, although I would have to agree just as someone else mentioned here in this thread, Sandy Fox would probably have been a better choice. But, Christine does have potential, and I hope she does good. She'll probably make her voice sound identical to Nakano Azusa, or hopefully make it sound much lighter. Check her demo reel for more.
Yeah, and in a similar note, before the Squid Girl dub was actually announced, I actually thought Sandy Fox would voice the title character. But it was Christine Marie Cabanos instead. I personally bought the DVDs and watched some of the episodes. Regardless, Christine's voice acting kinda reminds me of Sandy Fox one way or another. They both have very high pitch voice that are great with loli characters. I agree with you here, Christine as Silica isn't a bad choice either.

I'll be fine with her voicing Rin Natsume in the Little Busters! dub if Sentai Filmworks is interested.
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