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Originally Posted by JanthraX^
lol nice1 demon_god04, i would like to see sakura's expression when Shirou confronted her with that R-18 proposal =D
Sakura? My guess is something like this:

When on the right, she exposes "meh.. that's too embarassing!" -- when on the left .. "but.. coming to think of it, that could be an irrepetible occasion..."

By the way, about that scene, I don't expect anything extraordinary. I'll take a wild guess and I'll say that probably Shirou bumps accidentally into naked Saber (probably she had just taken a bath/shower, after the dojo training), and while for her the fact of being seen naked doesn't represent a problem - due to the true chronological period she belongs too - for Shirou it's a sort of shock, of first time in his life to see women's attributes. Then he runs away crying, and Saber puts that serious expression by thinking "What's wrong?".
Hence I expect a very short scene. And I don't expect somehing blatant to be shown. I doubt that a frontal camera will scorr under her neck.


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