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Ah, that might have been it. I'm not using Firefox 2.0 (yeah yeah, I'm still sticking to thank you very much), so that might've been the case.

But I didn't get any licenses either, though I opened it in WMP. Strange, I usually get those bloody things in so many other cases (mutter grumble)

I was reminded of the Truman Show too, actually, but I didn't remember the name of the movie. The thingy from FLCL didn't occur to me but that's quite a good comparison. Except that this has more of a "shielding" aspect to it I suppose?

It's actually like the inverse of the Truman Show, ironically (if I understand it correctly). There the sky inside the dome was painted so that the people inside it thought it was the real sky; here the sky outside the "dome" of the Zone is painted so that everyone else can pretend it wasn't there.
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