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Hmm, I'm not sure how to put this honestly. Saying he doesn't want her hurt is part of what I'm trying to say, but that isn't all there is to it. Why did he not give her any sort of position? To avoid questions or the Geass coming out?
what do you mean? by episode 18 everyone in the upper echelons of the order knows about her, and currently she's responsible for everyone at the Chinese embassy while Lelouch deals with his spy problem. She may not have a designation in the group, but she's still Zero's accomplice, that carries quite a lot of clout with it.

The only real reason I can see for why C.C. wasn't piloting before is quite simply because she does whatever she likes. Tamaki has clearly been trying to badger her into piloting at some point before 19, and yet she didn't seem to have heeded him and done so at all.

Did Lelouch even ask her to pilot before he got his hands on the Gawain? Can we say that C.C.'s lack of involvement is due to anything other than Lelouch being thick headed? Or maybe her own doubts about getting too close to Lelouch before 15, that it's alright to save him but not to directly help him? I mean clearly she was still an integral part of all of Lelouch's operation in episode 27. I can't really say that her piloting the Gawain was simply a one time thing and not a fundamental change in her relation to Lelouch that had been evolving over the course the first season.
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