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Originally Posted by dom33 View Post
@ashley the project based on her healing abilities and advanced brain chemistry she didn't pilot a knighmare until episode 20

@onizuka what was the druid system anyway?can someone please tell me that?
From my impression it is basically an analytical engine, think super computer that they use in research labs to crunch out mutation of viruses or predict global weather patterns.

those sort of big things.

It was built into a KMF so that it was mobile and has it's own security in terms that it can defend itself in a limited way and can be transported and guarded easily with all the KMF equipment lying around.

the prince also added those cannons on as a whim, because it was a test-machine he felt you might as will test other things, kill two birds with one stone. well that's my impression anyway.

so the druid system was used to analyse the ruins and other complex things, but as you saw, when zero nicked it, he used the basic function that the standard KMF has a command feature, (for officers to direct their teams) and used the power of the druid system to process all battlefield information so it became a command unit. no doubt druid system did not have the ability to work in this way, and i think lanka(the indian women) probably tweaked it so it can be done, as well as linking the computer controlled stabilization equipment to make the cannons usable.
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