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My guess is it is a sequel and you ask why ?

because first: it will have much more impact on fans than just a remake.
Second: we all know that movie 4 will be totally new.

why make something old with new ending then it will have far more impact once again if you mix it with old and me make it a new using what was done before.
So while you are using most of the time old things you make it look new and add different mining to things. making in the end something old new.

In the end all we have will be reworked story which putting less effort is very effective making only 1 movie purely new and others using what you already have is a winning ticket because it has all good points from before while it is presented like new.

As I said before I’m more interested in a sequel than watching same thing all again with better graphics. So here we have a sequel which won’t disappoint anyone because we here have as old and really memorable things form the TV series as new and differently progressing story adding to its brand new conclusion which I don’t even dare to predict.

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