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Originally Posted by bloodymess View Post
Spoiler for On sequel:

Also, it's interesting to see that this early on, there is a strong emphasis on Shinji's role and that everything that is to come will eventually revolve around him, as if he were an actor whose lines were already written (I know it is the case, but the clues weren't laid out that soon IIRC). I don't recall seeing the original series being that emphatic on this point; heck, Gendo even seemed to not care one whit about Shinji going AWOL or leaving, at least until NERV ended up in dire straits and Unit 01 outright refused synching with Rei. Oh, well, my memory might be foggy but back then it felt like Shinji was a replaceable cog...unlike now. Why, they even edited the part at the train station, which shows that letting him go is no longer an option for SEELE and co.
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