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re:Cutie Honey - Anno is back!

I just watched re:Cutie Honey - anime directed by Anno Hideyaki, who didn't direct any anime since Karekano (6years ago)

re:CutieHoney is based on old cutie honey series..... it kinda makes me feel like I'm watching original CH made in 1970s lol..... story is almost same, +Anno styled parody&hommage

if you think of 'Great Anno of Evangelion,' you will be disappointed. No SF/Mecha or deep, philosophical and psychological issues/storylines, but you will enjoy his high-quality anime =) great visuals/actions/scenes (FLCL+power puff? lol)

drawing is unique, sometimes I thought I was watching PowerPuffGirls o_O and this anime is very Ecchi... beware!

too bad that he didn't make SF anime like Gunbuster/Nadia/or Eva, but I'm really glad that he is back, and presenting a great anime 40 minutes just flew away!

now I have to wait a month for next episode .......
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