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Originally Posted by mistress_kisara View Post
I think its better to take what A-1 pictures throws at us, I've given up thinking it would be loyal to the game.
A-1 are just animating it, though. The whole thing is done with Broccoli's blessing.

Anyway, since there are seven main characters (not counting the senpai or Ringo & Hyuuga, it seems the senpai won't hog the spotlight in the anime, thank god) and only 13 episodes, they can't really be faithful to the game where all the characters have their own complete routes with three available endings. They'd have to pick a boy and concentrate on him throughout the show, sidelining the others. Instead, if they're following S1, they're trying to spend equal time on everyone, and add some actual plot development in the last 4 eps. I do miss some info that would give the characters more depth (such as Otoya's background) but it would be either addressing the issues of one chara in their focus episode and forgetting about them for the rest of the show, or completely fragmenting the show by trying to juggle the issues of all seven characters, plus Nanami, plus the plot...

(For what it's worth, though, I expect they're going to continue focusing on Tokiya as the love interest, once the chara focus episodes and the business with Cecil are done. After all, his chara song is the last, following Cecil's. Otoya's is the third which just further cements the fact that by now he's completely out of the picture. :/ )
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