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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
I remember Ascaloth stating on RIUVA that its sole purpose is to "convince people the Fujibayashi Kyou way".

Anyway, bassists often have big fingers or maybe hands. The strings are comparatively thicker than a guitars and harder to press down.

I have a couple of questions though,

1. Is she the only one in the club who isn't after Mugi's sweets? If so, what is she after?

2. How does she view my Azunyan as actually? A little sister, or does she have a secret fetish of dressing Azunyan the way she is dressed the year before? Or does she have a yandere-like fear of Azunyan snatching away all her attention?

For the 1st question, the answer is...
She really wants the cakes, but she didn't eat it coz she afraid of gaining more weight (see the manga, chapter 29)
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