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Originally Posted by kalbron View Post
Except that the way the game was presented, a lot of the story was skipped over, and an even larger portion was simply talking heads. Having those scenes properly animated and extended would have been a wonderful addition. Instead they removed the vast majority and filled it with vapid mutterings.

You can't say "Oh, they couldn't animate it." because they could have. The game was pretty much a budget anime with game mechanics mixed in. They chose not to do it properly, and chose to do away with most of the script except for the landmarks, the character designs, and the main plot points.
With limited airing time you can't expect ALL elements from the game can be animated. I didn't play the game so I can't tell what parts are missing but, from Niconico Douga I saw a player posted 50 pieces of the game progress (and that only) which all exceed 15 minutes, some can reach 24. That's all about at least 35 episodes worth of a proper anime......

And yes, there're something that an anime can't animate.
In any case I guess you didn't play SRWOG or watch the anime. OG1 alone has 42 episodes in the game, it's just 25 in the anime------the main plot started from episode 30 in the game but it's 21 from the anime. And I can assure you that there're even more talking heads in the games (which didn't even have VO most of the part).
In the game there're numerous bosses with bunch of HP (no, you can't take advantage of exhaust points or headshots, etc and each attack must be dealt on the bosses directly) that it's common for defeating them after 10+ round of individual/coordinated attacks, sometimes it can be multiplied by 2 or even more. In the anime version of it, we can only see key bosses pop up, doing some random attacks and being raped by your side in a few minutes. It sucks, but I can't blame them------time in a game aren't necessarily syncrorizing that of an anime. I can't speack for VC but at least I can tell there're some cases like that.

Yeah, we can blame the scriptwriter for the poor story development------that's what we did at Fukuda back in the days of Seed Destiny. For VC however, without too much (but not zero) knowledge about the game itself, I'm still enjoying the show as it's not too unexplained (and after watching some famous titles like The Big-O, ES, Aquarion and Gundam 00, I used to think more about the plot), still decently done and, like any other LAM and anime adaptations, I think it's serving its purpose of introducing non-players into the game.
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