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Whatever Kawamori/Okada direction is, I agree that it is better they start to move the strings. I hope that they are not waiting for the beach episode to move. So far surely they are playing soft on both parts. Amata and Mikono are on hold, Zessica was on hold till last episode. Kagura, well he is the only one who worked hard for the little time he had, but if he had to have some more relevant role in the whole story he was on hold in developing his good points. That's why I think that they are holding back til the beach episode. And I'm addressing it to bad writing.

Still, I don't see why Amata should be blamed for going against the fated lovers. if the matter had been handled differently and consistently things would be different now. But we saw the real thing only after 16 episodes. Until now we have seen only movie references. (And it better they will give us a good explanation to that ). That's why I can't see any real definitive change in direction coming. Except for the twist that was foreseen by Ceyenne, twist that if they will wait more it will happen in the last couple of episodes

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